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Cakes & Fêtés à Février (Cakes & Celebrations in February)

February, a month with only twenty-eight days (twenty-nine on the Leap Year), is a month that is filled with tributes for my family. From the Observation of my father’s passing, the Celebration of my birthday, and the Anniversary of our nuptials, February is a month to remind us of the continual inevitability of change through time, and how precious life truly is. For me, a great way to connect our past and our future, if through a great meal. There are many foods that remind of the generations before me. And I hope that I am instilling the same connection to food in my children, that will connect me to them into the future.

In remembrance of my father, on February 3rd, I open a fresh bottle of wine, one that I think he would have approved of to indulge in. We talk about the wine. We listen to Italian music. We share a moment of silence at the time of his passing. And we share stories, as we look back on snapshots of life with him still here.

On February 20th, my birthday day, I like to spoil myself and make dinner plans to try a new restaurant or a new dish at a favorite place.

And last but not least, on our wedding day anniversary, February 25th, my honey and I try to do something special, which can range from eating out at a swanky place or making a decadent meal for the family. Food, wine, love, laugher and tears...moments and memories that carry us.

This year, being creative because of the pandemic, and super excited to have a beautiful new kitchen to play in, I started a new tradition! I have been experimenting in the world of baking over the last year. Look at these decadent cakes that I created.

Michy's Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Fresh Strawberries

I chose this cake this year, because, in observance of Lent, some of my family members could not eat ice cream or chocolate. This cake was a perfect pick! We love strawberries. A slice of this cake was all the celebration we needed.

Light as air from the cake to the frosting, the whole family got in the kitchen to bake this great birthday cake.

Michy's Citrus Cake

Inspired by Taste of Home's Lemon Orange Cake

We zested it up for our 15th wedding anniversary celebration! This citrus cake was a delicate balance that combined sweetness and acidity, harmoniously. The fresh oranges and lemons were heavenly with every bite.

I varied both of the above mentioned recipes to give them my personal touch. You should do the same!

If you are looking for some delicious base recipes to work off of, then I highly recommend both of these! Two very different cakes, but both out of this world, delicious!


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