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Bake Against Poverty


Bake Against Poverty: Welcome


A Movement to Support Those Who Need It Most


The #bakeagainstpoverty virtual bake sale is a movement that will help us make an impact in our local communities through the holiday season. Our human service agencies & organizations, our communities need us, now more than ever. 

  • Are you passionate at-home baker?

  • Are you a professional baker looking to donate to a cause?

  • Do you enjoy baking in the spirit of the season?

If YES, then I inspire you to join me and setup your own #bakeagainstpoverty virtual bake sale and join the movement.

All you need to do is: 

1. Setup your virtual bake sale.  

2. Sell your baked goods.

3. Donate all or a portion of your proceeds to a human services agency or any other organization of your choice that offers programs in the fight against poverty.  

4. On 12/23 post to social media using the hashtag #bakeagainstpoverty the amount of money your raised in the movement to fight poverty. 

I believe that we can make a difference through food and this movement gives us all the power to “Be The Change” during the holiday season and bake for good.

**Pre-order sales are encouraged now through December 15th.**

**On December 23rd, we will all post using the hastag #bakeagainstpoverty sharing all the good we've done in our local communities.** 

Need more info?  Have questions, send me a message.  

Bake Against Poverty: About


What do you need to do?

For any and all communities, you decide what baked goods you're selling, how much you are selling and then publicly promote your virtual bake sale.  Join the movement here. I ask that you promote your bake sale, identify and share the organization you plan to donate to, and utilize the #BakeAgainstPoverty hashtag in your post.  Let's flood Facebook with all the good that we are doing! Post pictures using the hashtag, #BakeAgainstPoverty.  

who can you donate your funds to?

Research YOUR local organizations that have programs that support the fight against poverty in your communities.  

FYI in Otsego county a few that come to mind are Opportunities for Otsego, Catholic Charities, United Way, and Family Services.

when is the virtual bake sale?

Be sure to organize a contactless or socially distant pickups/drop offs/deliveries by Wednesday, December 22nd.

How will I know the impact that #BakeAgainstPoverty will have?

I invite you to plug your information into our Donation Tracker so that I am able to track the donations being raised by our efforts.  I will share the results on December 23rd.

Bake Against Poverty: FAQ
Bake Against Poverty: Text
Bake Against Poverty: Text
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