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CALLING ALL BAKERS! Let's Bake Against Poverty

With the holidays fast approaching, I found myself searching for a way to connect the holiday spirit with a virtual event that will do good for our communities. Our communities need us now more than ever, and we have a great opportunity here to make an impact! Poverty in the United States hit a record low before the pandemic hit. Our human services agencies & organizations needs us now more than ever!

That being said, whether you are passionate about baking, a professional baker and/or just enjoy baking in the spirit of the season, I inspire you to join me and organize a movement within your community, a virtual holiday bake sale and fundraiser, to raise money against poverty.

#BakeAgainstPoverty will help us make an impact in your local communities through the holiday season as COVID-19 has had a negative impact on us all. I believe we can make a collective difference through food for our region, our nation, and across the world. This virtual bake sale can give us the power to “Be The Change.” during this difficult time and bake for the good of our communities.

Happening December 7th through December 11th I encourage you to organize a virtual holiday bake sale and donate profits to a Human Service Agency of your choice. Anyone passionate about baking is invited to participate under the #BakeAgainstPoverty movement. Be sure to visit the Facebook Event @MichyInThe13820 to stay up to date and see pictures of everyone baking for the better. I inspire you to host your virtual bake sale and mobilize your community to join the #BakeAgainstPoverty movement.

Baking and coordinating sales/donations through your social media accounts utilizing mobile payment apps like Cash app, Zelle, or Venmo is recommended. No interest or time in baking?

What do you need to do?

All participants should publicly identify and share the organization they plan to donate to and utilizing the #BakeAgainstPoverty hashtag.

Who can you donate your funds to?

We encourage you to research local organizations that support the fight against poverty in your community.

When is the virtual bake sale?

We encourage you to host your bake sales between December 5 - 20. When is the virtual #BAKEAGAINSTPOVERY occurring?

Begin offering presales on Monday, December 7th and coordinate contactless, socially distant pickups/drop offs/deliveries by Friday, December 11th.

Need more information, comment below or send me an inbox. I also setup a page on this site to connect with you.

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