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Reset & Cleanse

January is always a reset month for me! Typically, my husband and I love to eat good food, drink good drinks, and socialize. This year, 2/3 wasn't too bad! In our 2020 holiday season, socializing was near non-existent. We ate good food and drank good drinks (at home)...including our first batch of limoncello. The flavors of the season, and all the decadent indulgences in November and December demanded a reset and cleanse in January.

This January I found this 72 hour cleanse on Pinterest to start our reset. The cleanse was easy to follow and transition to the more rigid 5-day reset cleanse that follows. My biggest challenge for these first few days was preparing food for our children. Living the pandemic, virtual school has become the norm. With that, I am cooking and cleaning the kitchen more than usual, as you can imagine! That, in and of itself, has been awesome & rewarding in my scratch kitchen...but not without a lot more work.

After the 72 hour, we felt great and noticed less bloat and better clarity. Highly recommend you giving this a try if you're looking for a cleanse.

It was easy for us to commit to this 3 day cleanse. We drank tons of water and kept busy. The nice thing about this cleanse, is that we were able to prepare a protein with greens for dinner. That was delicious!

Feeling so good after the above mention reset cleanse, I researched more and found Project Juice's Classic Reset Cleanse. They were running a discount special , so we decided to order the 5 day Classic Reset Cleanse!

The juices delivered were "...ready-to-sip cold-pressed juices..." each bottled is numbered, and package came with a sample "schedule" that we followed 100%.

I loved the ease and convenience of all of this!

Each day, the juices were refreshing, and a nice change to our lifestyle. We drank over 120 ounces of water each day of the cleanse. My husband and I felt great! We noticed a big change in our mental clarity and we both lost some much needed holiday bloat. (me, -8lbs, my husband, -14lbs). So, if you are interested in doing an easy cleanse that is delivered right to your door, definitely check out Project Juice! Clear out a shelf in the fridge and get your order in while the sale is still happening!


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